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Patanjali price list 2018

Patanjali price list 2018 – Patanjali Yogpeeth by Baba Ramdev has a big list of products with corresponding prices for the current year.There might be  a small incremental price increase due to GST. These products are from Health care,health drinks, groceries, candy,herbal tea,jams,home care,personal care and syrups and herbal supplements. +READ – Patanjali products to […]

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17 Fibroid tips and causes

Many women of all ages are diagnosed with fibroids. These 17 tips and causes how to avoid them, is a quick fun read. 1.Fibroid is a type to Tumor which attacks the female Uterus . This could also be in ovaries or Fallopian tube . 2.Ovarian ¬†fibrosis can be avoidable from surgery, if the individual […]

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Period pain relief techniques

Period pain relief techniques -Three out of four women feel periods cramping and severe pain and are quick to reach out for the pain killers. This can only wreck havoc to your next cycle. Before you do that, try some of these natural cures that will help. A strong point to add here is that […]

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Acid indigestion remedies – Avoid or cure it

Acid indigestion remedies -Acidity is commonly confused with indigestion. Acidity has a powerful alias called heartburn which is tingling uncomfortable sensation in the upper rib-cage. This can cause bloating, fullness, and nausea. One of the leading causes of heartburn is lethal cocktail or spicy food and sour beverages. Most often this concoction can cause a […]

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