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Henna for Hair – Color |Growth | Fall | Side Effects

Henna for Hair – Color |Growth | Fall | Side Effects – After  giving the complete step by step process for washing hair after Henna, i had received numerous questions and queries related to henna for hair application, its side effects, after growth, hair fall and other. I tried to answer most of them here, […]

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henna for hair

After Henna hair wash

After Henna hair wash – Many have tried the organic way of adding orange red color that henna gives out.The easy part is putting it on, the hard part is getting it off,which is tricky and needs careful patience. Henna leaf plant is dried first and then ground to powder, which is then mixed to […]

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Stop hair falling out – 7 Killer Tips

7 killer tips to stop hair falling out – I am sure you have read articles like this all over the internet. Self proclaimed advocates that know some secret tips to reduce hair fall. This is for men as well as women. Men are more prone to hair fall, but that’s mostly naturally and genetically. […]

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